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It is not just the crisis of October 1970 which celebrates its 50th anniversary this fall. The first – and only – Quebec car produced in series, La Manic also celebrates this anniversary, reminds us of a documentary from Club illico.

Posted online last month, the report traces the short but rich history of the vehicle, the fruit of Jacques About’s ambitions. For an hour, the journalist at the Guide de l’Auto Julien Amado takes us back between 1969 and 1971 through archival images and interviews with several witnesses and key players in the daring project.

Jacques About having died in 2013, Amado could not discuss with the car enthusiast. However, he spoke with his ex-wife, son and business partner.

Amado also met Conservative MP Gérard Deltell, a car enthusiast who recently bought himself two Manic GTs within a month.

Without bitterness

Contrary to what one might think, La Manic is not a dark or depressive documentary. Of course, we paint a portrait of failure, but each speaker recounts the chronology of events with great pleasure. As Gérard Deltell would say in the documentary: “It is not because the story ends badly that it is not beautiful. “

In interview at Newspaper, Julien Amado echoes the words of the politician.

“The people I spoke to, no one was bitter, no one told me they didn’t want to talk about it. Everyone was happy to talk about it. They all had a benevolent look on the adventure they experienced at the time. “

General public

According to Julien Amado, La Manic is not intended exclusively for vehicle enthusiasts. Although it accompanies an article of about fifteen pages in The guide of the car, the documentary casts a wide net.

“I wanted to do something for the general public, insists Julien Amado. I wanted to explain the context of the time, with the 1967 Montreal World Expo, Charles de Gaulle’s speech, the Quiet Revolution …

“In the collective imagination, the end of the 1960s was a somewhat blessed period,” continues the journalist. When baby boomers tell me about it, it’s always with stars in their eyes. “

The COVID-19 pandemic did not shake up the filming of the documentary too much, which began in November 2019 and ended in July.

► La Manic is offered on Club illico.

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