Is the Kia Niro EV a good electric vehicle?

Is the Kia Niro EV a good electric vehicle?

I would like to know your opinion on the Kia Niro EV SX Touring that I think I will get. Also, the dealer mentions to me that the applicable credit of $ 13,000 will disappear soon, which forces me to make a quick decision. What do you think?


Hello Sylvain,

It’s crazy how much you can hear coming out of the mouth of a salesperson who wants to close a sale! No, for the moment, there is nothing to suggest that the government intends to withdraw the credits applicable to the purchase of an electric vehicle, i.e. an amount of $ 5,000 from the federal government, and $ 8,000 from the federal government. provincial. You can therefore take the time to analyze and make a thoughtful choice before making your purchase.

As for the Niro EV, it is for me an interesting choice considering its technology, its comfort and its convincing autonomy. However, it seems ungrateful to me of Kia to sell a base version for $ 46,905, which only includes primary equipment, even excluding the heated seats, which are nevertheless offered as standard on a Kia Rio! Then, to make the jump to the SX version, it takes a jump of nearly $ 10,000, bringing the bill to $ 56,405.

Indeed, this version is the one to consider, taking into account the equipment and the battery thermoregulation system that is added to it, which improves the autonomy and the life of the battery. However, on this account, the Niro EV is still paying dearly for its technology. Because we must also take into account the fact that it does not have all-wheel drive.

In closing, remember that the model you are looking for is vintage 2020, not 2021. This impacts its actual value when it leaves the dealership, as Kia has not confirmed that the model will return for 2021. By the way, please know. that Kia Canada will release 350 additional units of the 2020 Niro SX into its dealer network. So you might have immediate access to a unit, which might even give you a little bargaining power.

And for the future, everything suggests that the Niro EV could be replaced by the Seltos EV, which would use all the technologies of the Hyundai Kona EV.

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