We must listen to ALL the experts!

I know you are starting to get fed up with hearing about the virus.

But let me come back to the subject another time.

Because the philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy wrote an extremely interesting thing about the management of the pandemic in his column for the magazine Point, 1er October.

Words which, I believe, deserve reflection.


The authorities keep repeating that before making any decision, you must listen to the experts, writes BHL.

That is to say: doctors, public health specialists, epidemiologists.

But there are other experts who should also be consulted, says the philosopher.

“Psychologists. Sociologists of the family. The teachers. Parents of students.

Restaurant owners. The unions, who know that support for employment cannot last forever. Economists.

In short, we must listen to all the experts, absolutely all ”, and not just the health experts.

You will tell me that the current crisis is first and foremost a public health problem.


But the decisions made to fight this virus impact every aspect of our lives.

Because this virus does not only attack our body. It also attacks our psychological balance, our economy, our way of life …

Humans are not just a biological being, who feed themselves, defecate and copulate. We are not frogs!

We are also – and above all – social beings.

Our interpersonal relationships are as essential to our well-being as the air we breathe and the water we drink.

What is the point of living if it is to live locked up, cut off from each other?

Do you find it normal that the elderly, who are living the last years of their life, do not see their children, their grandchildren?

My mom is 86, and she can’t even play cards with her friends, she spends her days doing puzzles in her apartment!


A question: what if, before making decisions as important as that of shutting down entire areas of our economy, we ALSO consulted economists, associations of entrepreneurs, traders?

You will tell me that traders and restaurateurs don’t give a damn about collective well-being, that they only think of their own profit.

I absolutely do not share this point of view.

The majority of restaurateurs have proved it: before being business people, they are responsible citizens, who have not hesitated to spend tens of thousands of dollars to make their restaurants safe.

Why shouldn’t these people be ALSO entitled to the chapter?

What about shrinks? And the teachers?

Like the two characters in the play Waiting for Godot, we go around in circles waiting for the vaccine that will save us.

What if this one doesn’t arrive for two years? What are we doing in the meantime?


Are you wondering why I am not talking about the professor who was beheaded by an Islamist in France?

What more do you want me to tell you? I have been saying for years that Islamism is a threat, and I have been called an Islamophobe.

So let’s go on sleeping …


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