Salary: $ 177,048. Profession: indoctrinator and propagandist

We call it a tailor-made job for friends of the regime. The Plante administration has decided to create a post of commissioner for the fight against racism and systemic discrimination.

He will be paid a minimum of $ 118,025 and a maximum of $ 147,537. The maximum merit will be $ 177,048. He will not starve.

You will understand that believing in the theory of systemic racism is part of the conditions of employment.

Valerie Plante

So you can be sure that our Political Commissioner will find systemic racism everywhere. He will interpret the slightest statistical disparity between “communities” as so many manifestations of this supposed “systemic racism”. He will systematically tackle the theory of systemic racism on realities a thousand times more complex.

This full-time activist will not be alone. He will have a team of ideologists at his service. And we can be sure that “independent” experts, who are in fact ideologists, will come to validate this theory, which is increasingly essential in the Quebec public debate.

It must be said that activists paid out of public funds to indoctrinate the population, there are others in Montreal. We find them in particular in Binam, which claims to work for the integration of immigrants, but which has already proposed the creation of positions of “anti-tumor agents”, responsible for monitoring the conversations of citizens, to impose on them a politically correct vision of ‘immigration.

This poses a fundamental question: is it the role of the municipal administration to transform the city into a political re-education camp? Should citizens really pay a pot-bellied executive salary to Valérie Plante’s ideological friends so that they explain to Montrealers that their city is racist?


Make no mistake: this post is just the tip of the iceberg. The Quebec bureaucracy is full of such ideological commissioners.

Fortunately, our taxes are being used wisely!

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