Fall wild turkey hunt

Previously, amateurs could only set out after these large winged game in spring. For the first time, they will be able to try their luck in October, from the 24th to the 30th.

The nimrods, holders of the certificate confirming that they have passed the course on wild turkey hunting, will be able to obtain their license in the amount of $ 16.80 and go to zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 10 next Saturday.

New season

During the spring hunt, enthusiasts can harvest two males with beards.

For the short period to come of seven half-days, because hunting is only allowed from half an hour before sunrise until noon, athletes will be able to intercept a single wild turkey, only he has a beard or not. Just like in the spring, they can use a 10, 12, 16 or 20 caliber rifle using size 4, 5, 6 or 7 shot cartridges to intercept a male or female. Black powder weapons are also permitted, as are bows and crossbows. Also be aware that the use of a retriever or a lifting dog is now permitted at this time of year.

The ban on operating a site located less than 100 meters from a site where bait has been deposited is still in force.

A pro

Not being an expert in this field, I wanted to ask the opinion of some specialists. To my surprise, no one rushed to the door. In fact, none of them has ever experienced such a fall hunt in Quebec since it was not permitted.

Mario Huot, host of Road Hunt on TVA Sports and owner of the Aventures express.com agency, has more than four decades of experience in all types of hunting around the world. This friendly Beauceron has been chasing wild turkeys for 29 years. He collected gallinacea in the states of Pennsylvania, New York, Wyoming, Maine as well as in Ontario and Quebec. “My various field adventures in different kinds of environments and at different times of the year have allowed me to understand the language of these magnificent birds and to interpret their manners and habits,” he explained.

Totally distinct

“It is important to understand that the fall hunt is completely different from that of spring, when these wary game are in the middle of their mating season. A follower who then imitates calls from the female in heat has a good chance of making a male react, ”explained Mr. Huot.

Mario informed me that most hunters use an amalgam of six calls and that it is imperative to fully understand the meaning of each of these. According to him, the mating period having been over a long time ago, we must realize that these winged game will certainly not react to sexual yelping.


“Like moose and deer, turkeys come together to spend the winter. The rallying cry, which is called the kee kee run, is undoubtedly the one to prioritize in the fall. Clucking to attract attention (cluck), purring to indicate the presence of food (purr), calls in the tree at the beginning of the day (tree call) and the gurgling of the male (gobble) can also react the targeted specimens ”, assured the one who also organizes guided trips in Africa and around the world. Mario’s first approach consists in properly analyzing the behaviors and movements of the turkeys after they come down from the tree. It is important to know and remember that these birds are diurnal like humans and they sleep all night. Their only effective defense is to perch high on a branch, away from predators. When prospecting in the field, try to find their favorite perch and camouflage effectively near the path taken at sunrise. Keep your distance, be within shooting range and above all, do not move, because they have extraordinary visual acuity.


The other technique proposed by Mr. Huot is really different from conventional approaches. In October, gallinaceans like to socialize with each other in their favorite field. When you have identified such a place, ask the necessary permissions from the owner of the premises. Then, study the corridors they use to get there or leave. Using your binoculars, locate a spot right in the field where you can camouflage yourself to be very close to the action. Then walk to this specific site. Turkeys will inevitably run away when they see you coming. As soon as they have left, run to the identified destination and then wait at least 30 minutes before doing anything. Then start a rally call by opting for the kee kee run and the turkeys will return exactly to where they were previously.

To learn more about the famous kee kee run, take a look at the videotape https://www.aventuresexpress.com/video/index.html


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