Quebec walks with Pierre Lavoie

A very special edition of La Grande marche du Grand défi Pierre Lavoie is in full swing all weekend, across Quebec.

“We want people to get back on their feet,” explained the instigator of the event, Pierre Lavoie.

“Winter is upon us and we didn’t expect the second wave to be so strong. With the return of confinement, we do not find it very funny. The place where we can not be confined is outside, ”he added, in an interview with VAT News.

He therefore invites Quebeckers to walk five kilometers alone or with their family, in their neighborhood or on trails. Once the challenge has been met, they can complete the “I walked” form on the site in order to testify to their participation.

By midday Saturday, 75,000 people had already registered and this number will increase by Sunday evening.

Minister’s invitation

Among the personalities who take the time to take up the challenge this weekend, there is the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé.

Via his social networks, he has also invited Quebeckers to move and go outside to walk the five kilometers.

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