Racists, Quebeckers?

If we take at their word the militant anti-racists whose business it is to condemn us because we are not black but white, we should ask their forgiveness as members of the white majority, which discriminates against them, according to them, through all our institutions.

These attacks against Quebec are getting out of hand.

Racialized activists, exacerbated by hatred, resentment and a sort of contempt for our own struggle to survive in French, do not seem aware of the injustice of their struggle against us minorities.

Do they think they are going to force Prime Minister Legault to kneel down and give in to their first demand, that of decreeing that in Quebec racism is systemic against them?

Mea culpa

Native people, because of an infamous Canadian Indian status law, are no longer able to hold them to account.

Confined to their reserves which endure with, it should be noted, the agreement of the heads of native communities who believe they will benefit financially, they are victims of Canadian indifference and hypocrisy. And Quebecers must also do their mea culpa.

However, anti-racist activists, who confuse Quebec’s singular history with that of the slave regime in the United States, are playing with fire.

Anti-black racism exists among an already too large proportion of Quebecers.

By attacking Quebec “white supremacy” with verbal and ideological violence, extremist militants are doing arsonist work. Judging only by the color of the skin, they are therefore literally racists and their repetitive remarks marked by intolerance make them segregationists.

They herald a future when no appeasement is possible. Where no dialogue can succeed in emerging. They don’t want concrete solutions.

And their hysteria even leads them to denounce good-willed black intellectuals whom they qualify as “service blacks”.

What an irresponsible and dangerous step!


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