Changing your life due to the pandemic

The pandemic has provoked for many a questioning. Some have decided to change their life and settle in Bas-Saint-Laurent. Portrait of a young woman in the process of retraining.

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Félixe Girard is 30 years old. At the start of the year, she was still a project manager in a ventilation product manufacturing company in Montreal.

“I took care of everything that was new equipment, the expansion of the plant. […] Of course, with COVID everything has been put on hold, so my work has unfortunately disappeared, ”explains the young woman who took the opportunity to change her life.

“There is an awareness linked to Corona and to the somewhat fragile nature of our society. If we are no longer able to bring so much food from abroad, we will have to grow it here, ”she adds.

The former city dweller started training in agroforestry in September and moved to Trois-Pistoles, a region she knew little about.

“Of course I go from Montreal to Trois-Pistoles at the same time. […] I’m changing fields of study too, it’s not at all the same. And then friends too so that makes a big change. At the beginning, it is a little stressful for the first few months, ”admits the young woman.

In addition to his training in agroforestry, Félixe Girard decided to come and work on the Mazika farm in Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux to be as close as possible to the agricultural reality.

“I would like to be able to bring my skills that I developed as an engineer for companies in agriculture. Try to help them in the change, to be more efficient, perhaps to change their procedures, ”says the new farm worker.

A change that she does not regret. She even encourages those who lost their jobs during the pandemic to dare too!

“Life goes on and then there are other things. Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself. […] But there is room for us elsewhere, we just need to have the kid a little to do it and go! ” concludes the young woman.

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