Nearly half of dairy production could disappear by 2030

Nearly half of Canadian dairy production could disappear by 2030, a recent study by Dalhousie University and the University of Guelph found.

According to “Halifax Today”, the study showed that several changes in the eating habits of Canadians could be at the origin of this disappearance.

So, while young people feel concerned about animal welfare and the consequences on the environment, the industry has developed alternatives to dairy products that are becoming more and more popular, including the choices offered in large chains. of coffees.

And for Sylvain Charlebois, director of the agro-food analysis laboratory at Dalhousie University and co-author of the report, the compensation announced by the federal government would not be beneficial to farmers in the long term.

The report therefore calls for the implementation of a new supply management system.

“The first step would be to get some farmers to quit the industry altogether. There are farmers who do not really invest and who do not necessarily want to be competitive, ”Sylvain Charlebois explained to“ Halifax Today ”.

Other steps proposed by the plan include changes to the Canadian Dairy Commission, the elimination of provincial barriers to trade in dairy products, the creation of an innovation fund for the sector, as well as the launch of a 20-year plan to build a Canadian brand and develop an export strategy.

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