To hell with the law!

QUEBEC | Open since June 22 when training centers got the green light, Gym Olympe did not close its doors when the National Capital region switched to the red zone and does not intend to do so. despite the government decree providing for steep fines for establishments that do not comply with public health directives.

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“I will not make a second bankruptcy,” said owner Marc-Antoine Grondin on Thursday, during a long interview in his establishment.

“It’s too taxing and you are ostracized when you go bankrupt. Buy my business from me and I will go, but I will not go bankrupt like a slave. I remain open to pay for my house and my groceries. When I got married, I promised my wife, who comes from a humble background, that she would never go wanting. “

After a complaint from a citizen, the police showed up at Gym Olympe on Wednesday, and they returned on Thursday.

The owner did not receive a ticket immediately, but the file is now in the hands of the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP).

“We went to a training center because we had information that the trade was open,” confirmed the Interim Sergeant at the public security communications division at the SPVQ, Étienne Doyon, who did not want to confirm. the identity of the training center.

“A general infraction report has been sent to the DPCP, which will determine whether there is sufficient evidence to impose a fine. Because the decree is very recent, we have taken a longer path and this is the reason why there was no portable report issued. “

Fines can range from $ 1,000 to $ 6,000.

Two police visits

The owner confirmed the two police visits and The newspaper was present during the second.

“When in doubt, I closed on March 23 on the order of the police and cashed three checks from the PCU, a period when I felt humiliated and belittled, but I will never close again,” said the owner of 48 years old who is also a bodybuilder. You cannot close a business twice. Politicians are disconnected from believing that just flip the switch back and everything will resume as before.

“I will never pay a fine,” to sue the one who has 11,900 subscribers on his YouTube channel Le Show du Pro. I have no problem spending time in Orsainville (Quebec City Detention Center). It is quite a paradox. In the name of public health, we prevent people from maintaining their health. My mother, who was a brave woman, taught me not to play sitting down. If she was still alive, she would be ashamed of the current government. “

Deceased in 2018, Mme Lise Roy-Grondin was notably the chief of staff to the President of the National Assembly Michel Bissonnet for five years. His son says he saw Premiers Charest and Couillard, among others, at the family residence in Lac-Beauport.

Many calls

As we passed, Grondin’s phone kept ringing. Colleagues were inquiring, people wanted to subscribe to his gym and another, Denis from Gatineau, donated a month’s subscription to him to support him in his battle while adding that others were going. imitate his gesture.

“My gym is closed to everyone except my subscribers, numbering 100,” he said. No way I’m accepting new subscriptions.

“The government has bludgeoned my customers and I’m riding at eighth of my capacity, but it keeps the light on. Training Marc-Antoine Grondin and my gym are two different entities. I can receive clients in my office. I don’t have a doctorate, but I solve problems that doctors do not do because of my knowledge in biomechanics and to redo the hormonal profiles. I save lives and I can’t stop. With my YouTube channel, I am better known in Europe than here. “


At the time of our visit, two customers were present.

“I started training six years ago to recover from a stroke,” said 82-year-old Michel Pelletier. I regained 75 to 80 percent of my physical abilities. During the March lockdown, I came close to reoffending. Marc-Antoine is a verbomotor who has deep convictions. “

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