A period of creativity for Joseph Edgar

Joseph Edgar was not due to launch any new music in 2020 and 2021. The pandemic, containment and two projects on hiatus led to a period of totally unexpected creativity.

The Acadian author, composer and performer has just released a five-song EP entitled Maybe a dream.

Plunged into a kind of nothingness, in confinement, Joseph Edgar admits that he had even put his guitar away.

“I lost my taste for playing the guitar when I realized that we were embarking on something that was going to be long. I walked around in nothingness for three or four months, ”he confided in an interview.

On July 22, Joseph Edgar was getting ready to go play tennis with his girlfriend. They were to meet in the field.

“Fifteen minutes before leaving, I saw my guitar and took it. An hour later, my girlfriend arrived to tell me that I had not introduced myself. I told him that I had just written a new song, ”he said.

Kick off

He recorded this piece on his iPhone and sent it to his musician friend Jocelyn Gagné, who sent him, the next day, a version of Maybe a dream with bass, guitar and drums.

“He asked me to send him another one. It was the kickoff of this EP. Two weeks later, I had five songs, ”he said.

Joseph Edgar found himself immersed in a period of abundant writing.

“The fingers wandered alone on the guitar and the pen went by itself for the lyrics. I answered the call for songs and let myself be guided. This project allowed me to break this lethargy and save my sanity, ”he explained.

Sure Maybe a dream, Joseph Edgar touches on various musical colors. There is pop-rock, folk, a hint of psychedelia and country.


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