We can ski, even in the red zone!

Hitting the slopes in powder snow will come with its share of constraints this year. Skiers will have to wear a neck warmer or balaclava covering the nose and mouth on the outside, learned The newspaper.

Pandemic obliges, this health instruction will apply to all winter sports enthusiasts aged three and over who will frequent the ski resorts, not only in the ski lifts, but also in the queue to have access to them.

Skiers and snowboarders will also need to bring an additional mask or face cover to enter the chalet.

According to our information, the conditions that will allow ski resorts to welcome their customers will be announced today. The two-meter distance rule must be respected at all times.

In regions at the maximum alert level (red), we can only take the chairlift with members of our family bubble, and two people alone can share a chair if the distance of two meters is possible, according to our sources. The same goes for the cable cars.

The face covering will obviously be necessary to enter the chalet, as is the case in all closed public places in the province.

But be careful, if you frequent a station located in the red zone, you will have to put on your boots in the car!

The cafeteria and equipment rental services will be closed, as will the ski school.

The chalet will only be accessible to go to the little corner and for skiers and snowboarders who wish to warm up, according to our information.

As with other trips, inter-region ski getaways are not recommended for residents of the orange and red zones.

But if you have a chalet, the public health authorities will ask you to behave according to the rules in force in the region of your main residence.

Ski resorts will have to keep a register of visitors.

According to our sources, managers will also be invited to favor online ticket reservations.

  • Skiers and snowboarders three years old and over must wear a neck warmer or hood covering the nose and mouth in the ski lifts and in the line giving access to them
  • The physical distance of two meters must be respected between board sports enthusiasts
  • The face cover will be compulsory in the ski chalet

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