Reinvent Halloween, at home

As the Halloween candy collection may well be complicated due to COVID-19, two entrepreneurs in the Quebec City region have launched a “Candy hunt box”, which allows you to do an original activity with the family without leave the house.

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The box is a turnkey set that contains puzzles and challenges that take participants from room to room in the house, and of course, the coveted prizes: multiple individually wrapped candies.

As the activity is made to take place indoors, even bad weather cannot overcome this Halloween alternative.

“We said to ourselves: we don’t take a chance, we do everything from within. It makes for a family activity during which it is good to get together, to respect sanitary measures, a pleasant and delicious activity, ”explained Sarah-Jeanne Bouchard, co-owner of the dairy bar La Bûche Glacé, which adds this box to its range of services. .

People of all ages can participate. “If there is a child, a teenager and an adult hunting all at the same time in the same family, the children are going to have the easy index and the adults the difficult index. It’s the same answer, but the difficulty level is really different. To be honest with you, the hard level makes it hard! ” underlined Ms. Bouchard.

The box contains treats for a family of four, but can easily be sweetened with other sweets purchased separately, said Philippe Larouche, also a co-owner of the business.

The box is sold online for $ 19.50 on the website, and can be delivered to your home for $ 5 or picked up directly at La Bûche Glacé, in Beauport.

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Here are four other ideas for reinventing Halloween while respecting sanitary measures, taken from the guide 1001 ways to celebrate Halloween in complete safety, published on the internet by the Quebec company Party Expert.

• Create your own haunted house, choosing a room in the house that you transform into its scariest version possible. To darken the area, you can use rolls of black vinyl or plastic tablecloths.

• Host a movie night watching a classic horror movie, like Friday the 13th or The Exorcism. For the little ones, you can go with a more mainstream film like Ghostbusters or a good old Harry Potter. Note that some streaming platforms, such as Netflix Party, allow simultaneous listening with friends who do not live at the same address as us.

• Hold a virtual costume contest, in which everyone is invited to present their creation on a video-discussion platform. Those who want to continue the evening with an online Murder Mystery can also embark on the adventure, provided they invest a little preparation time.

• Cook and enjoy a family-themed “squash and pumpkin” dinner. There is no shortage of recipes for preparing these vegetables, which are plentiful in grocery stores right now.

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