Computer breach at the Order of Engineers: four times more victims than announced

The computer breach that affected the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ) last May ultimately claimed four times more victims than what had been announced, our Investigation Office learned.

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On June 18, the OIQ said that 1756 members and candidates for the engineering profession had been affected by a “cyber incident” on its website.

The incident mainly affects the information related to the credit card, used by these people to renew their registration on the Roll of the Order.

In some cases, the email address, phone number or home address was also compromised.

The breach is larger than expected, noted an external firm mandated by the OIQ.

“In the end, a little less than 8000 members were able to be affected,” indicates a spokesperson for the Order.

Thousands of engineers have thus received a letter in recent days to advise them of the situation. Equifax’s credit monitoring services are offered to them by the OIQ for a period of two years.

The OIQ states that it reported the events to personal information protection organizations and to police authorities. Measures to strengthen the security of transactions have also been taken.

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