Our test and review of the Google Pixel 5, a phone with a daring bet!

Google’s new Pixel 5 phone arrives with a bold bet. Offer 5G and high-end features, but not too much, to be competitively priced. We bet on what most people are looking for: a good battery and a great camera that takes great photos.

A smart phone has realized that it is really expensive daytime. Especially when looking for highly publicized devices such as “flagship” devices like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S or Note.

We are talking about a device at $ 1000, $ 1300, sometimes even $ 1500 or $ 1800! It’s not about money!

Google has decided to take another path and pull out of the high-end market, because essentially it’s not what the majority of people look for and want as a phone.

This is how the Pixel 5 stems from. An $ 800 smartphone that rises to the top of the mid-range category by offering high-end components and features.

Google is targeting the heights of mid-range phones with the Pixel 5.

Cut on functions to reduce cost

It’s hard to talk about the Pixel 5 without addressing the Pixel 4. The latter turned out to be a commercial failure for Google since it was roughly too expensive for the features offered and it had a big flaw in terms of battery life. .

Google has therefore decided to make it simpler and focus on the aspects that the majority of people are looking for in a smartphone to offer it at a competitive price.

A box finished in glass? We cut! We go to aluminum.

The Soli scan to unlock with the face and make hand gestures? We cut! Instead, we put a fingerprint reader on the back of the device.

Put a state-of-the-art processor to support 5G? We cut! Instead, we put a less efficient processor, but which still gives access to 5G and eats less batteries.

The Pixel Neural Core processor to process photos faster? We cut! People will wait 2-3 seconds longer to see their photos rendered.

A 2X telephoto lens that no one really uses? We cut! Instead, we put a much more popular ultra wide angle lens.

These are some of the decisions made by Google in order to be able to offer a device much cheaper than other high-end phones. Because basically the question is: do we really need to always have more power?

Google Pixel 5 camera camera

The main strengths of the Google Pixel 5? Battery life and the quality of the photos it takes.

Keeping the best aspects of Pixel phones with extras

Google has therefore bet on voluntary simplicity, because the majority of phones sold in the world are not high-end phones. These are the mid-range ones. So you might as well be the best in this category.

Thus, we find a larger 4080 mAh battery which easily offers us an autonomy of more than a day. By not sparing it, we hit 32 hours on a single charge. Not bad anyway! Google even talks about a 48 hour battery life, but we haven’t reached that. Everything obviously depends on the use we make of it.

What’s more, we always have the fast recharge which in a little less than an hour recharges from 0 to 100%.

In terms of recharging, the Pixel 5 also adds the possibility of recharging other devices via the back. Whether it’s a friend’s phone or our headphones such as Pixel Buds or others compatible with QI charging.

Google Pixel 5 QI charging Pixel Buds wireless headphones

The Pixel 5 can wirelessly charge other devices such as headphones.

Where the Pixel line’s greatest strength has been for years, it’s in the quality of the photos it takes.

The Pixel 5 is no exception to the rule and continues to take advantage of Google’s artificial intelligence to take great shots. Whether in portrait, panorama, ultra wide angle, night mode or even astrophotography mode, it is virtually impossible to take a bad photo with the phone.

The device also offers much better image stabilization when taking videos. So no more small “shakes” when filming, while the image remains stable and fluid.

There is also still an image refresh rate of 90 images seconds on a 6 ” screen much brighter and more colorful than the previous model.

Finally, we have increased the storage space to 128GB, but we still do not find the possibility of inserting a Micro SD card to increase the capacity. You have to sell space on Google One!

Is the Pixel 5 a good buy?

Will Google’s strategy be the right one? The Pixel 5 certainly has potential since it targets a much more generalist clientele, so to speak.

It provides the key elements that the majority of people look for in a smartphone, which is a good battery and a good photo camera.

Not to mention that with Pixel phones, we are entitled to unlimited storage on Google Photos in addition to being the first to be able to download Android feature and security updates.

However, the Pixel 5 might not have the appeal for people who are looking for truly high-end features in their phone.

And although the device is 5G compatible, it remains a more difficult selling point given that the network is starting to be deployed in Quebec.

If certain features of the Pixel 5 interest us and we want to spend even less, there is always the possibility of turning to the Pixel 4a or even the Pixel 4a 5G.

In any case, the Pixel 5 is a clear improvement on the previous model. It offers what you want most from a phone with some high-end appeal at a great price of $ 799.

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