$ 500,000 to set up a Francophone Economic Network

“I have been pushing the file for 25 years, but there is not much progress,” she explains. “The Quebec population should be a marketing target for Franco-Ontarian tourism. Quebecers seek to visit Ontario in English, but it is possible to do French-speaking tourism in our province! ”

The president of the Canadian Club of Toronto, Dominic Mailloux, at the recent Gala RelèveON. Photo: Event.Photography

Broaden the market and the reputation of companies

The creation of the Francophone Economic Network, an online platform for connecting Franco-Ontarian businesses, should allow those first concerned to share their knowledge and expertise in the field.

The tool will expand the market and the reputation of the Franco-Ontarian business sector. The government will ask for the “know-how” of organizations to build this digital platform in order to meet the expectations of businesses.

As for the promotional campaign that will take place in 2021, this is good news for Franco-Ontarian businesses and for the tourism industry, says Nicole Guertin.

“This is excellent news for attracting tourists from foreign countries, or even travelers from Quebec who want to visit Ontario while enjoying Franco-Ontarian culture.”


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