COVID-19: Remdesivir has “little or no effect” on mortality

Geneva | The antiviral drug Remdesivir, considered one of the most promising treatments for COVID-19, is not effective in preventing the death of patients, according to a study conducted with the support of the WHO.

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The drug “seems to have little or no effect on patients hospitalized for COVID-19, if we are to believe the mortality rates, the onset of ventilation or the length of hospitalization”, explains the study made public Thursday on the internet.

Remdesivir, which was part of the experimental treatment administered to US President Donald Trump when he was struck down by the disease in late September, is one of the drugs reviewed by this study, which involved more than 11,000 people in 30 countries. .

This study, which has yet to be reviewed by other doctors before its possible publication in a scientific journal, seems to contradict the last two large American studies which showed that Remdesivir could reduce the length of hospital stay.

Washington authorized on May 1 the use of this drug, manufactured by the American pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences and originally intended as a treatment against the Ebola virus. The European Union and other countries then authorized it in turn.

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