MM. Arruda and Legault: reread Machiavelli!

Doctor Arruda and Prime Minister Legault should reread Machiavelli, the Florentine advisor who advocated cunning in the name of reason of state. With their all-out closures of dining rooms, gymnasiums and cinemas in the red zone, they are doing the opposite of what the consigliere.

In recent days, I have noticed an increased discontent among my fellow citizens that I meet while walking in my native Verdun. Almost all these beautiful people, myself included, have yet supported the sacrifice of the first confinement.

But for this second confinement, the pill does not pass … because the sanitary measures worked in the vast majority of restaurants subdivided by polymer screens and cinemas where the “torn” ticket disinfect your hands by checking your face cover and where the “usher” showed you on a map the location of your seat.

Despite this scrupulous respect for the instructions, we punished them!

Democracy upside down

This is why Arruda and Legault should reread Machiavelli: power can use extreme measures, yes, but only if the majority finds its account … and only against an unloved minority … for example the Felquists (or suspected sympathizers ) in October 1970.

The measures of war of Trudeau father 50 years ago, that was Machiavellian! It violated the rights of a few, but it garnered the support of a strong majority of fearful people, whom this coup reassured.


If the police multiplied the requests for warrants and distributed hundreds of fines to offenders who gather in private homes, the general public would understand this rigor … But no, we leave the recalcitrant alone. They are generally only entitled to small annoyed “warnings” (even if it concerns more than 1000 people in Boisbriand).

It’s Machiavelli backwards: we are soft with health delinquents and we punish respectful citizens. Has François Legault lost his political compass?

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