“I want to do good to people”

No one would fault Lulu Hughes for being disheartened because she finds herself without a contract during lockdown. Especially after having fought two cancers. It would be very bad to know the one who prefers to see the glass half full.

A few days after showing his positivism by uploading a cover of What a Wonderful World, in a surprising duet with Maka Kotto, the 53-year-old rocker took advantage of an interview she gave to Newspaper to recover: despite COVID-19, life is good and we are lucky to experience that in Quebec.

“I’m happy to be alive, to still be here. I don’t want to die or be in another country, ”she exclaims, her voice cheerful.

“It’s a beautiful life, the planet is beautiful. I know it sounds good, good cucul what I’m telling you. Believe me, I mean every word of it. My goal with What a Wonderful World, it is to do good to people, that they forget a little the misery which is asked of them. “

The key word: acceptance

By her own admission, Lulu Hughes, who has been in remission from uterine cancer since May after also beating breast cancer that started in 2016, has not always been one to meet life’s challenges with a smile.

“Before, I was much more negative, heavier and in anticipation of something else. I didn’t savor much. The biggest lesson I’ve had in this whole thing is acceptance. We do not have the choice to accept what is happening. We. N / A. Not. The. Choice, ”she insists, weighing down each word.

His two episodes against the crab allow him to get through the pandemic with serenity, even if his phone does not ring at all.

“I’ve had to put on a mask and stay away from everyone for four years. I was on chemotherapy and had to be careful not to get anything. I had to cancel a lot of shows. Now it’s like everyone’s going through what I’ve been through for the past four years, ”Lulu Hughes observes with some amusement.

An album in 2021

Without a show on her agenda, the singer devotes her time to preparing her next album, expected in 2021, with the help of Antoine Gratton.

Again, the turbulence of recent years will be felt in his new songs, assures Lulu Hughes.

What a Wonderful World was a nice premise. I’m a rocker and I like it, rock, but let’s say I’m not angry anymore like I used to be. I don’t want to send the world to shit. I rather want to do good to people. I swear. Before, I wanted to kick them in the ass and tell them: wake up! There, they will wake up when it will individually tempt them, ”she concludes.


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