Stop sports in the Mauricie: concern for the demotivation of young people

The new restrictions imposed by the authorities, particularly in hockey and in sport, are worrying in the Mauricie-Center-du-Québec region, where half of the residents are now plunged into the red.

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“For many young people, Saturday’s game becomes a motivation to go to school, to do homework and to ensure discipline during the week,” said father and hockey coach Bryan Leblanc.

“It becomes difficult to explain the logic to the children: that they cannot play when their friends who live ten minutes away can do so without a problem. It’s illogical and it creates a lot of disappointment, ”he lamented.

Hockey Mauricie estimates that of the 4000 players in the region, three quarters are in high alert mode.

“I too find it sad to see that young people cannot play, but we have no choice to apply the rules,” said Hockey Mauricie president René Leclair.

“Residents in the red zone cannot play in the orange zone,” he said. Then, it is also a question of insurance. Should something happen, the participant or the young person would not be insured. I think there are delinquents, but I am not going to play police. ”

The City of Trois-Rivières closed access to its arenas on the evening of Saturday, October 10, while the more restrictive measures were to be applied on Tuesday, at 11:59 p.m. This decision created incomprehension and further disappointment for families .

Mental health at risk

Organizations point out that the repercussions of a break from sport on adult mental health should not be underestimated.

The management of the Center Loisir Multi-Plus in Trois-Rivières fears a deterioration among the 4,000 members who were forced to stop their activities. Especially since 40% of the clientele is 50 years old and over.

“When we broke the news, many were crying,” said Center Loisir Multi-Plus general manager David Bouchard. It must be said that after the first wave and the first confinement, we noticed that their overall health had deteriorated. Then we tell ourselves that in the fall, at a time when it’s colder with less light, well these people are probably going to have a lot of difficulty getting through. “

In addition, not only will retirees move less, but they will be more isolated. This is not negligible since loneliness among the elderly increases the risk of death by 50%.

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