Jewelry signed Michaël Girard

Seeing his professional commitments postponed one by one, singer Michaël Girard took advantage of the pandemic to carry out a long-standing project: to create his own collection of jewelry.

The idea had been germinating in the singer’s mind for a while.

In fact, Michaël Girard had even approached jewelers a few years ago, but a collaboration turned out to be more complex and expensive than expected.

This time, it is solo that he takes over the reins of this project. The result, a line called MG, has recently been on the market.

Necklaces, pendants, bracelets, chains, brooches … everything Michaël Girard offers on his website is handmade by the singer himself, from faded jewelry and other everyday objects to which he gives a second life.

“I liked the idea of ​​taking nuts, wrenches, electric wires – in short, things you don’t use anymore – and creating something new, something beautiful. It helps to reduce losses, but also to offer more affordable jewelry, ”explains the singer.

Treat yourself at a low price

Indeed, the collection signed Michaël Girard stands out for its prices.

The most expensive item retails for $ 65, a far cry from the usual amounts spent on jewelry. That, the singer wanted.

“The pandemic is a tough time economically, so people are cutting corners. I thought that like that, I could allow people to spoil themselves with a new piece of jewelry, even on a smaller budget, ”he explains.

And do not believe that this new project is fleeting.

Even if he does not intend to hang his microphone anytime soon, Michaël Girard plans to take training with jewelers in order to perfect his art and, possibly, to launch new jewelry collections.

“I’m a singer, it’s clear in my head. But I also like to create jewelry. And if the last few months have taught me one thing, it’s that it can never hurt to diversify, ”he says.

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