Final defeat for Strateco against the Quebec government

Strateco Resources lost its last battle in its $ 192 million lawsuit against the Quebec government for an aborted uranium mine project in the Otish Mountains, north of Chibougamau.

The Supreme Court on Thursday refused to hear its appeal from a decision of the Superior Court favorable to the Quebec state in 2017, confirmed last January by the Court of Appeal.

With its lawsuit, the Quebec mining company wanted to obtain damages from the Quebec government, which refused to grant it the necessary permits to continue its mining exploration work. Strateco claimed that seven years of work and investments totaling $ 145 million fell through when the government of Pauline Marois refused to issue it new permits in 2013.

This decision by Quebec was based on the refusal expressed by the Crees who live in this region.

The courts ruled that the lack of social acceptability to no longer issue a certificate of authorization was in accordance with the law and that this decision was not characterized by bad faith. Since Strateco was not expropriated from its mining claims, it was not entitled to compensation.

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