COVID-19: still no instructions for more restrictive road checks

Quebec has still not given the authorization to set up more restrictive road check points at the entrance to the Côte-Nord to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease.

Recall that the public health department made this request several days ago to protect the health network of the North Shore, which is fragile, according to it.

An outbreak of COVID-19 cases could disrupt access to health care. And that’s without counting the isolated regions of the territory, such as the Lower North Shore or the aboriginal communities.

So, for now, the police are holding road checkpoints until Friday to educate motorists about health measures. But if the roadblocks become coercive as in the spring, the prefect of the MRC Haute-Côte-Nord agrees with this approach.

“There are people who give certain pretexts, who are not on trips deemed essential and who enter the region anyway. If there were more coercive roadblocks rather than being declared a red zone with all that that imposes, that would be the position with which we would be the most favorable, ”Micheline Anctil told TVA Nouvelles.

The people we met in the street Thursday morning were of the same opinion. It is a solution that has proven itself according to several of them. But earlier this week, the Public Health Directorate warned the population that a closure of the region, except for freight transport and healthcare workers, would not be a quick fix to COVID- 19.

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