Government management of the pandemic | Parliamentary committee to conduct full investigation

(Ottawa) Les mises en garde du gouvernement Trudeau n’ont pas fait reculer lundi les partis de l’opposition à la Chambre des communes, qui ont uni leurs forces pour adopter une motion donnant au comité de la santé le mandat de mener une enquête exhaustive de la gestion de la pandémie de COVID-19 par Ottawa.

Joël-Denis Bellavance
Joël-Denis Bellavance
La Presse

Le comité parlementaire pourrait aussi mettre la main sur les contrats signés par le gouvernement Trudeau et différents fournisseurs dont les services ont été retenus depuis le début de la pandémie en vertu de la motion qui a été adoptée par un vote de 176 à 152.

Quelques heures avant le vote, deux ministres du gouvernement Trudeau, le président du Conseil du Trésor, Jean-Yves Duclos, et la ministre de l’Approvisionnement, Anita Anand, ont vivement critiqué la motion parrainée par le Parti conservateur, affirmant sans ambages que cela pourrait mettre en péril la capacité du Canada à acheter des vaccins, des tests de dépistage rapides et des équipements de protection personnelle, en pleine pandémie.

« Nos fournisseurs seront hésitants à faire affaire avec nous. […] Several partners contacted us during the weekend, including vaccine suppliers, to express their fears, ”said Minister Anita Anand at a press conference on Monday morning.

“I don’t want to come back here to explain to Canadians that because of these disclosures that we were forced into, we were not able to guarantee vaccines or personal protective equipment for Canadians, because our suppliers will have let us down, ”she added.

In an interview with a local radio station in the Magdalen Islands on Monday at noon, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau echoed his minister’s fears.

“We don’t want a look from the health committee to end up harming the health of Canadians. It would be a very sad irony, ”Mr. Trudeau said on the airwaves of CFIM.

But opposition parties immediately accused the Liberal government of engaging in some form of blackmail.

“Our motion, in no way, will harm the arrival of vaccines or personal protective equipment, on the contrary,” replied Pierre Paul-Hus, conservative spokesperson for supply.

“We are not in an inquisition. We ask the government questions to find out what they did […] and also to inform the population of this happening with tax money from Quebec and Canadian taxpayers, ”insisted Alain Therrien, parliamentary leader of the Bloc Quebecois.

Over the past few days, the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME), an organization that represents thousands of businesses in Canada, has written to Minister Anand expressing its concerns. CME mentioned in particular “the risk that proprietary, sensitive or confidential business information is suddenly disclosed to the public” during the work of the health committee.

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Canada, for its part, wrote to Health Canada to express its deep concerns about the “implications and (the) likely unintended consequences if this motion receives the support of a sufficient number of parliamentarians”, according to a copy obtained. by The Canadian Press.

This other showdown between the Trudeau government and the opposition parties and the second to occur in less than a week. The Conservative Party has tabled another motion to create a special committee to investigate the We Charity affair. The Bloc Québécois supported this motion.

Deeming this motion “toxic” because it could paralyze the work of Parliament in a time of pandemic, the Trudeau government decided to make the vote on this motion a vote of confidence, forcing the NDP and the Green Party to oppose it. the motion to avoid plunging the country into elections.

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