Thank you to the entire team at the Chaleur General Hospital in Bathurst

I went for surgery to the Chaleur General Hospital in Bathurst on October 6th.

The team in place has all my admiration. They are all professionals who have the desire to accomplish their tasks and responsibilities well.

I want to recognize the excellent work of Dr. Caron and the entire team who took care of me in the recovery room.

Given the anesthesia, however, I cannot remember their names, but I am very grateful to them.

Now, the team on the third floor, the rehabilitation, in my heart and my mind, I see them as bees.

The bees go from flower to flower and the members of the team of the third – of which I have chosen three names, Sonia, Eric and Allison – go from room to room and, like the bees, suggest, offer or ask what they can do to improve our situation and make our stay less painful.

Thank you also to France la physio and to all of you for the excellence of your work in conditions that are currently quite difficult.

Réjean McGraw

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