Small game, when the weather steps in

Everyone can see that there is an abundance of small game this season. So, we can expect a good harvest on our outings, except that the weather can ruin everything.

This is what we learned last week when we experienced a stay in the Ashuapmushuan wildlife reserve, recognized as the paradise for this hunt.

“We are at more than 3000 grouse and grouse since the start of our season ten days ago,” explained manager Aurélien Launière, when we arrived on site. We should be lucky. I know small paths where few people go. It is therefore full of hope that we wait frantically until the next day to experience a dream first day on the reserve. When we got up, however, a surprise awaited us. It was raining hard, which is not very good for the birds to come out. This rain will not give us any respite for the day. Despite these difficult conditions, we managed to collect a few grouse and grouse. On our second day of hunting, we are more encouraged because in the early morning we see the sun peeking over the horizon. He’s shy, but still he gives us hope. We go to the meeting point to take the small paths promised, using side by side.

The sun is shy. The high winds are picking up, it’s snowing, all the necessary bad weather to keep the birds from moving. Fortunately, as the population is very high, some specimens risk themselves, which allows us to collect a few. But, nothing like what this reserve can offer where I had experienced exceptional small game hunting adventures. Making your quota for the day in just an hour is really special. But what we have just experienced is proof that bad weather can ruin everything.


Located northwest of Roberval, 320 kilometers from Quebec, the Ashuapmushuan reserve undoubtedly represents one of the best areas for small game. Yes, there is its population of grouse and grouse which is very imposing, but also, access to the territory is easy. Indeed, one can circulate there in many forest roads by car or by van. If you want to go further, in small trails, then the use of a quad is recommended. Whether by car or quad, the territory to be covered is immense. If you use the Avenza app, allowing you to download maps of the reserve, you will have the ideal tool. Really, in this immense territory of more than 4000 square kilometers, there is no lack of hunting environments.

Also, along the roads, you will find the habitats that grouse and grouse like. Alders, streams, easy access to a larger forest for cover, it’s all there. Also, in many places, you can see very far into the forest, allowing you to follow the bird you have found.

Really, if you decide to go on a hunting adventure in this reserve, you will remember it and, who knows, most likely become a fan of the place.


To go and hunt small game in this territory, you have two options. You can hunt on a daily basis by registering either via the internet or at the reserve reception desk.

If you wish to stay, there are chalets in the Chigoubiche sector. You can go to the site or call the reception desk directly at 418 256-3806. There are only a few days left in this season. With good weather, there is no doubt that you will have an adventure that you will always remember. It should be noted that next year, it will be possible to enjoy a stay in the new Horizon chalets which are under construction in the Nicabau sector. From having visited the site, I know that the people who are going to stay there will discover an exceptional nature.

In short


In response to Mr. Gilles Matte who asked me questions about small game hunting in the Laurentian reserve, here is what I found after checking.

The daily hunt takes place from October 17 to November 3 in the Launière and Mercier sectors. Last year, according to statistics, the Launière sector had better harvest success. In the latter, the use of an ATV is permitted. As for hunting with stay, it takes place in four different sectors. You have the choice between stays at L’Étape, Gîte-du-Berger, Cyriac or Montagnais. At that time, if it is your choice, the best thing to do is to call the reserve office at 418 528-6868.

There, Mr. Charles Bergeron will be able to inform you. However, you should know that these trips are very popular. The remaining availability may therefore be low for this season.


If you use a quad for your small game hunting trips, remember that it is far better to always wear a helmet, firstly because it is the law and secondly in the event of a problem. accident, it will protect you. It often happens that we ride in difficult trail conditions, through fallen branches and trees.

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