Pascal Bérubé will continue his mandate as parliamentary leader

The new PQ leader, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, convinced Pascal Bérubé to continue his mandate as parliamentary leader in the National Assembly, has learned The newspaper.

The MP for Matane-Matapedia has been on duty since the 2018 electoral defeat and the departure of Jean-François Lisée. Paul St-Pierre Plamondon (PSPP) not being a member of Parliament, Pascal Bérubé will continue to respond to François Legault in the House, according to our sources.

Pascal Bérubé was reluctant to keep his post after the election of a new leader. But according to our information, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon convinced him. The member for Matane-Matapédia sees himself relieved of tasks related to the management of the party, by no longer having to sit on the executive, in particular.

The name of Véronique Hivon has been circulating in recent days to assume the office of parliamentary leader. According to our sources, the member for Joliette, however, told PSPP that this is not the role in which she thinks she can be the most useful.

The new leader of the PQ did not offer the post to his rival, Sylvain Gaudreault. “If I had been offered it, I would have said no,” says the member for Jonquière. A week ago, we were at opposites over a lot of ideas, it does not hold water! ”

Deputy chief aspirant, Mr. Gaudreault intends to complete his mandate. It is too early, however, to say whether or not he will be a candidate in the next election in 2022.

Note that Martin Ouellet, MNA for René-Lévesque, will retain his role as parliamentary leader. The same goes for the member for Rimouski, Harold LeBel, who acts as whip and chairman of the PQ caucus.

The arrival of PSPP does not encourage ex-PQ Catherine Fournier to return to the fold. “If it had been a simple question of leader, I would never have left”, argued the now independent member of Marie-Victorin, who had slammed the door of the party in March 2019.

During the race, MP Lorraine Richard had left the doubt on her political future in the event of a defeat of her candidate, Sylvain Gaudreault.

Yesterday, the member for Duplessis said she was reassured by the new leader, who will be present behind the scenes of Parliament, failing to be able to do so at the Salon Bleu. “I had a good conversation with Mr. Plamondon, he assured me of his presence in the National Assembly,” she said.

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