CH must come to an agreement with Brendan Gallagher

If the management of the draft of the Canadian continues to damn many, it must be recognized that Marc Bergevin has added good elements to his training recently. Jake Allen, Joel Edmundson, Josh Anderson and Tyler Toffoli are expected to fill gaps in the roster at the end of the season. Good work from Bergevin.

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The Habs should no longer be pounded on their feet. He will be better equipped to assert himself physically and rule the ice. Because if there’s one thing that needs to change, it’s the team’s outfit at the Bell Center.

How many times have we had the impression, in recent years, that the opposing teams came for a picnic in Montreal?

In the future, the Canadian will have enough to make them swallow clinker.

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For those who dreamed of Taylor Hall, I don’t think Bergevin made a mistake in not making him an offer. First, his center line is well provided with Nick Suzuki, Jesperi Kotkaniemi and Phillip Danault.

Second, Hall has always puzzled me. They say he never played for good teams. But as the first choice in the draft, wasn’t it up to him to have an impact on the formations with which he evolved?

$ 6 million?

Now we come to Brendan Gallagher.

We learned yesterday that the negotiations for a contract extension between his agent and Bergevin are broken.

Bergevin remained true to himself by recalling that he does not speak of contract in the public square.

No problem there.

Teams and most agents don’t like discussing these things. That does not prevent us, however, from commenting. We can ask ourselves questions and draw our own conclusions.

The hiring of Anderson and Toffoli changes the portrait of the Canadian payroll. Anderson joined Drouin as the top earner in forwards with an average salary of $ 5.5 million applicable on mace.

Tomas Tatar follows them with an average of $ 4.8 million. Next come Toffoli, whose average salary is $ 4.25 million, and Gallagher, who earns an average of $ 3.75 million per year.

Can Gallagher demand to become the first employee in the strikers of the Habs?

Can he ask for $ 7 million a year?

It would be a lot.

$ 6 million?


A must

What everyone knows is that Gallagher is the heart and soul of this team. Bergevin is most likely of this opinion.

Three years ago, the Canadiens general manager identified Carey Price as his franchise player and awarded him the contract he believed was equivalent to his market value.

Gallagher doesn’t fall into the same category, but he’s worth his weight in gold. Just like Phillip Danault. These two players bring a lot to the team.

When I asked Bergevin yesterday whether Gallagher and Danault are essential in his future negotiations, he confined himself to saying that it is too early to move forward on this question.

However, he has often repeated that the effects of the pandemic affect the salary cap.

Bergevin will be faced with difficult choices.

But how could he let the brave warrior that is Gallagher go?

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