Married, despite cancer and the pandemic

Suffering from a serious type of cancer, Amélie Croussette married her husband Alexandre Bertrand last September in an intimate ceremony, in Cap-Rouge, in the Quebec region.

The young woman has metastatic colorectal cancer. She was diagnosed in 2014, when she was 26 years old. The tumor would be incurable for the moment, according to her. A doctor’s prognosis gave him three years to live … in 2017.

“There are darker times. Other times are happy, but it’s a roller coaster of emotions, but it’s not a typical life of a young thirty-something, ”said the bride, who is still undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

The prognosis “was a rough end”, according to Alexandre Bertrand. “From that moment, we got up. We decided to live to the fullest. That we were going to do everything we were able to do. “

The couple had planned a dream wedding in the tropics. The pandemic and the disease forced them to redo their plans, and quickly.

“We’re intense !, the bride joked. “Organizing a wedding in two weeks was, my gosh, very intense, but it was perfect in every way.”

The intimate ceremony was held on September 5 on the slopes of Cap-Rouge. The bride and groom had to severely limit the number of guests due to the pandemic. Immune-suppressed people like Amélie Croussette are particularly vulnerable to infectious diseases like COVID.

“We are lucky to have very understanding friends,” said the groom.

Come what may, the couple intends to continue to live from day to day as long as possible.

“In the little things of everyday life, there is a lot of happiness,” said the bride. I think COVID has brought us this, to take more time to appreciate every little moment at its true value. ”

Amélie Croussette categorically refuses to be overwhelmed by the disease. “I’m still all there! I am full of life, I bite into life, in this urgency to live that we both share. We are trying to make the most of our current situation. I really care about that. “

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