Enola Holmes: “Millie Bobby Brown is an extraordinary force of nature”

Millie Bobby Brown plays Sherlock Holmes’ sister in Enola Holmes, recently released on Netflix. Two-time Emmy-winning director Harry Bradbeer gave Metro more details on the shooting of this family film.

Sherlock Holmes is a mysterious literary figure. This is why many adaptations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work have been created. Since September 23, a new film, just as mysterious, called Enola Holmes, based on Nancy Springer’s eponymous book series, is available on Netflix.

It stars, Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) as the very intelligent Enola, Helena Bonham Carter as the unorthodox mother, Henry Cavill as the famous detective and Sam Clafin as Mycroft, the older brother.

Young Enola lives with her mother who raised her in a special way, around books and many physical activities. Her life changes when her mother disappears and finds herself face to face with her brothers, whom she barely knows.

Harry Bradbeer, whose name is associated with the acclaimed British series Fleabag, directed the film.

“I had never been interested in making a family film, but this one looked subversive, reckless and particular. I liked the eccentricity of Enola. I think that’s what we find in my work, besides the feminist side. It was the opportunity to find a little Fleabag side ”, he explains to Metro.

“I had never been interested in making a family film, but this one sounded subversive, reckless and particular.” – Harry Bradbeer, director

“What is new is that the action takes place in 1884 and not in the 20th century. Things were really different, and at that time you could have serious problems if you weren’t wearing a corset. And Enola also stands up to his older brothers, ”continues Harry Bradbeer.

Break the fourth wall

To attract the youngest spectators, the director chose to “break the fourth wall” for more immersion.

“I like the idea of ​​looking and talking to the camera in certain parts of the film. Enola takes the spectators with her on the adventure. It’s as if she was telling them: ‘I’m going, are you coming?’ ”

Speaking of Millie Bobby Brown who, at 16, is also producing the film with her sister, Harry Bradbeer is full of praise.

“Millie is an extraordinary force of nature. I loved working with her. She immediately came up with ideas of how she felt about the news. She is energetic is confident and she is not afraid to take risks and improvise. She was very courageous, beyond the action scenes, she also had to show her feelings. “

Throughout the film, Millie Bobby Brown and Helena Bonham Carter, along with other women, can be seen in scenes requiring a lot of physical strength.

“We liked the fact that she [la mère d’Enola Holmes] be strong. She is like a mother lion, but has no compassion for her daughter. Helena really liked the rehearsals, she was very proud. She even sent some videos to her ex, Tim Burton, to see what she was doing, ”says Harry Bradbeer.

“I think Millie Bobby Brown will do incredibly well in the next few years. She knows what she wants to do and is very down to earth. She is very intelligent and has good people around her. ”

Enola Holmes has also received positive reviews. “We’re talking about doing sequels, but I can’t say more,” he says.


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