The religion of the Other

It’s been a long time that we suspected, but yesterday, we had tangible proof.

The duty is not anymore The duty.

The newspaper founded by Henri Bourassa is no more than a shadow of what it once was.

Formerly. Not long ago.

When left-wing intellectuals didn’t feel the need to frantically rinse their mouths with Lysol when they uttered the word “nationalism”.


In his editorial, publisher Brian Myles listed the challenges Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, the new PQ leader, had to overcome to get his party back on its feet.

Among these: “Rehabilitating the idea of ​​independence” to make it sexy among young people.

“We must persuade the majority of voters that the sovereignist project is an inclusive project, turned towards the future, and not a project fueled by resentment and mistrust of the Other,” writes Myles.

“The nationalist movement will have to take a little more interest in otherness, unless it wants to preach to converts […] and [ainsi limiter] the progression of the sovereignist option [à] his social club for nostalgic people. “

On Radio-Canada or in the pages of Press, this speech which associates the sovereignist movement with intolerance, closure and exclusion (without forgetting the pipe smokers in brown stockings who miss the priest Labelle) would not surprise anyone.

It is the daily whey of these two media.

But in the pages of Duty ?

From the pen of his editor?

Really ?

Are we there?


I dare a question …

Why exercise sovereignty if not to ensure our linguistic and cultural survival?

It is the very basis of any sovereignist movement!

What motivates the Catalan sovereignists, according to you? The Scottish sovereignists? The Corsican sovereignists? The Tibetan sovereignists? The Kurdish sovereignists? The Walloon sovereignists?

The idea of ​​paying less taxes?

Emptying the Quebec sovereignist movement of its identity aspect is like wanting salt that does not taste salt!

It’s all well and good, openness to the Other. But for that, it takes two.

The other. And me.

How can I open up to the Other if I don’t exist?

Why everyone has the right to say “we” … except us?

The Hurons exist, the Mohawks exist, the Algonquins exist, the Crees exist, the Innu exist, the Attikameks exist …

But the Quebec nation, the Quebec people, does not exist?

We don’t have a culture, do we? Of language ? Of history? Traditions?

All ethnocultural communities have the right and the duty to celebrate their identity … except native French-speaking Quebecers?

What are we, then? Nothing ?

Did we fall from a tree?


Always the same old story: if you are not for zealous multiculturalism à la Trudeau, you are racist and intolerant.

How many times will we have to repeat that the Quebec nationalist movement does not advocate ethnic nationalism?

Every time a sovereignist speaks, he will have to precede his speech with a long profession of anti-racist faith, right?

Are we asking Anglos who are fighting Bill 101 to prove to us that they are not motivated by a visceral hatred of Francophones?

That even The duty suggests that the sovereignist movement is tempted by ethnic racism is a shame …

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Victoria Smith who hails from Toronto, Canada currently runs this news portofolio who completed Masters in Political science from University of Toronto. She started her career with BBC then relocated to TorontoStar as senior political reporter. She is caring and hardworking.

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