50 shades of doubt

The decline in new cases over the past few days is encouraging, but there is a growing obstacle in the way of our fight against the pandemic and it is our cohesion that is crumbling.

We are no longer in the same almost unanimous support for the government’s discourse and the resulting recommendations. The instructions, whatever the direction in which they evolve, will be applied with an increasingly variable zeal.

Skeptic versus zealous

Much has been said about conspiracy theorists, but there is still a growing share of citizens who, without believing that Bill Gates and 5G are behind the pandemic, are wondering if we are not doing too much and if the virus is really so. dangerous as that.

Conversely, there are people who find that not enough is being done to slow the virus and that the government is not sufficiently coercive in applying the rules. There is even a conspiratorial tendency among some zealous for the virus, people who accuse the government of hiding data on the severity of the contagion, even though it is doing everything to convince us that the situation is critical.

Confirmation bias

From there, the mechanism of confirmation bias is implemented. When the number of cases is low or in decline, the health activist will see proof of the validity of the measures, the coronasceptic will say that they are now unnecessary. When cases are on the rise, some are calling for stronger measures, others see it as proof that they are not working.

With the result that we advance in this second wave and in a possible third in rows destined to become more and more dispersed.

Through our 50 shades of doubts, there is the sign that the democratic debate has regained its rights. It’s good news. Except that it is through the loopholes created by the small shortcomings of each other that the virus intends to sneak.


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