Work out while seated with this compact floor-mounted elliptical

The Cubii Jr is a beginner’s floor elliptical trainer that allows you to train in a seated position, no matter whether you are at work, or quiet at home.

Most sports machines are designed for people who are already used to using them and taking their training to the next level.

It’s more difficult for people who are starting from scratch and want to get started or just do moderate training.

This is exactly what the Cubii jr offers us: an accessible device for all ages, all physical abilities and all lifestyles which, given its size and low level of difficulty, can be easily integrated into our daily lives.

The Cubii Jr assembles in less than 5 minutes and is ready to use.

Safe and easy to use

Unlike other machines of similar size, the Cubii jr is really easy to use and is ready to use in just three steps.

First, you have to assemble it. This is a quick and easy process that just requires 4 screws, but these are included with the package. If we trust the company, assembly time is estimated at less than 5 minutes.

Then, simply place it on the floor where you want it, in front of our office chair or even in front of our sofa, and adjust the wheel that corresponds to one of the eight degrees of resistance with which you want to work. You can start pedaling right away.

The Cubii jr has a display monitor, which allows us to track our training in real time. Calories burned, revolutions per minute, time and distance traveled can be displayed here.

cubii jr elliptical sitting desk living room

The Cubii Jr fits easily under a work desk.

For home or office

Since this elliptical was specially designed to be used while seated, it allows us to move and stay active throughout the day, even when working in the office.

It can also be very practical if you are in rehabilitation at home and can not go out for long distances. The Cubii jr has been designed to be as ergonomic as possible and so that movements are made with minimal impact on our joints.

No matter where you want to use it, the machine is silent and therefore will not disturb our colleagues or members of our household. The movements are made low enough that our knees do not get caught under the desk or the table.

We can get it in the color we like the most, between turquoise and mauve. We will have to pay $ 400 to get our hands on it, a price rather in the standards if we compare it to other similar products available.

Learn more and get the Cubii Jr at

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