The Senators have a good game

While many teams, including the Montreal Canadiens, are struggling to meet the salary cap, the Ottawa Senators find themselves under the floor. To say the least, the formation of the national capital is now playing.

The general manager Pierre Dorion will necessarily be solicited by organizations wishing to get rid of a high employee.

For example, the Canadiens could very well give him a phone call in order to offer him the services of Paul Byron and his salary of $ 3.4 million per season. However, Dorion has more time to stick to his reconstruction plan.

“We want to make sure we follow our plan, don’t take shortcuts and don’t skip steps for nothing, in order to ensure long-term success,” said Dorion.

That was his speech before the last draft and it’s been the same since the free agent market opened on October 9.

“At the same time, we have to make sure that when our youngest players find themselves in training, that they are well surrounded thanks to the presence of players that we will have obtained by way of transaction or ‘helping the free agent market,’ Dorion added, as quoted on the Senators website.

The Ottawa side only had to offer a fifth-round pick in the 2021 draft to secure defenseman Erik Gudbranson’s services to the Anaheim Ducks. Other similar transactions are now expected.

In a favorable position

Besides the Canadian and the Ducks, the Arizona Coyotes, St. Louis Blues, Vegas Golden Knights and Washington Capitals all exceed the salary cap of $ 81.5 million.

The Senators are in a favorable position to complete exchanges or welcome, at a lower cost, a free agent without compensation who has not yet found a buyer. If only the opportunity presents itself.

By then, Ottawa will soon reach the salary floor since forwards Chris Tierney and Connor Brown, both free agents with compensation, are entitled to arbitration.

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