The emperor has no clothes!

This exclamation of a child, straight out of an Andersen tale and written in the 17th century, is tragically relevant today.

The story goes that an emperor, in love with his appearance, had the most beautiful garment in the world woven by crook weavers. He is convinced that people who could not see his new, invisible garment would be incompetents or fools. The emperor therefore walked naked in front of his people who cheered him until a child cried out: “But he has no clothes!”

It is often said that the truth comes out of the mouths of children.

The United States, with nearly 8 million COVID-19 patients and more than 220,000 dead, may need children to pull them out of this parallel reality created by their president and supported by those around him.

Himself suffering from the virus, he seems completely disoriented. It is also from his close collaborators who continue to proclaim on the media that the virus is not serious.

According to the analysis that Mary Trump, Donald Trump’s niece and psychologist, made of her uncle in her book, “Too much and never enough!” (literal translation), the development of the Republican president stopped at the age of 3.

In the event that Donald Trump loses the November 3 presidential election, we can only pray for poor Americans, hoping that we do not experience another civil war south of our border, grappling with white supremacists and similar groups.

When we witness the American rout, we can only consider ourselves lucky to live in Canada. The Prime Minister and the federal government have made the health of Canadians a priority and helped them financially to get through it.

Having made a career in the Canadian government, I have an idea of ​​what it meant to work, effort and dedication to succeed in this feat.

In New Brunswick, until last week, we did well. Hoping that Prime Minister Higgs will live up to the majority government he desperately wanted, despite the pandemic, and that he was granted under one of the pretexts that he would be better equipped to deal with the coronavirus.

Well, there she is the second wave!

Hopefully, he will have learned to work better with the federal government so as not to leave millions of dollars essential to New Brunswickers on the table, as he has already done.

As he promised on election night, he will listen to people from the north as well as people from the south as well as medical experts to face this crisis, unparalleled since the Spanish flu of 1918 .

Like many of our families, my mother, aged one and a half at the time, lost her mother, and I, my grandmother, to the hands of this terrible human tragedy which is said to have killed up to 100 million people over the planet.

More than ever, we need a unifying, collaborative and attentive Prime Minister, because it is together that we will best succeed in minimizing the devastating impacts on our lives and especially in saving them.

More than ever we need an emperor in all his clothes.

Lucie LeBouthillier

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Victoria Smith who hails from Toronto, Canada currently runs this news portofolio who completed Masters in Political science from University of Toronto. She started her career with BBC then relocated to TorontoStar as senior political reporter. She is caring and hardworking.

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