Has the exponential growth of cases absorbed Quebec?

The exponential growth of COVID-19 cases seems to be waning: Quebec recorded a new drop in cases on Tuesday for a fourth consecutive day, encouraging news according to the microbiologist-infectious disease specialist Cécile Tremblay of the CHUM.

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“I am encouraged, it looks like a plateau and it is probably due to the effort that citizens are currently making to limit their gatherings,” she explains in an interview with Pierre Bruneau at TVA Midi.

She believes that the real impact of the measures will be even more visible in a few days.

“On the other hand, we had the Thanksgiving weekend … if there were any releases, we will see it in ten days,” explains the expert.

It is difficult to know if the province has reached the peak of the second wave, but one thing is certain, “we have stopped the exponential growth of cases, which is very positive and to the credit of the citizens and the population who its war effort, we know it is difficult, ”she concludes.

At a press briefing Tuesday afternoon, the Prime Minister said he wanted to remain cautious in the face of these decreases in cases observed in recent days.

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