The Bloc demands more transparency from the government

The federal government must be transparent by making public the evaluation of the proposed acquisition of Transat by Air Canada, while a new agreement almost four times lower than expected between the two companies was announced on Saturday, urges the Bloc Québécois.

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“We are still talking about a Quebec flagship, a major company that has an impact on competition in the air transport sector, so it is normal and legitimate that the report be unveiled to the public,” said Xavier Barsalou- Duval, transport critic for the Bloc Québécois.

In August 2019, the Minister of Transport of Canada, Marc Garneau, asked for an evaluation of the proposed acquisition of Transat by Air Canada, because it “raised questions of public interest in matters of national transport”.

The consultations began in November and it was in May 2020 that Minister Garneau finally received the report of some 600 pages.


“It’s been almost six months since Mr. Garneau had the report in hand. And given the new developments, the report must be made public so that the shareholders can make an informed decision and that it does not happen in secret, ”explains the elected official.

For its part, Minister Garneau’s office indicated by email that “Transport Canada is awaiting the presentation by the parties of additional information responding to the questions raised in the public interest assessment before the Department can follow the next steps in the decision-making process ”.

Since the shareholders of Transat must meet in a few weeks to approve the new sale proposal for $ 190 million, instead of $ 720 million, it is necessary to publicly release the report quickly, urges Mr. Barsalou-Duval.

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