Quad trails always open

Despite all the events that we are experiencing at the moment with the pandemic, quad enthusiasts can still count on their network of trails.

“For the moment, as we speak, there is no impact on the practice of the activity, explains the general manager of the Quebec Federation of quad clubs, Danny Gagnon. Everything is planned to be open for the coming season. We sent all of our clubs security measures to put in place in the event that their relays reopen. We suggest that they install everything necessary to make outdoor fires, in order to avoid having too many people in the relays. We also ask users to respect distancing. You have to understand that if there are not many impacts, it is because it is an outdoor activity. “

However, Mr. Gagnon reminds all quad riders to follow the instructions of Public Health.

“It is imperative that the followers respect the instructions at the group level, the distance between individuals and everything that has been asked. For now, if people follow the instructions to the letter, nothing suggests a closure of the trails. “

Ultimately, it is the clubs that have a direct impact because they have to reorganize their services on the pitch.


If everything turns out as before on the trails, the general manager reminds that there are some little tips that can help users to respect the rules.

“We talk a lot about distancing. It is simple to apply if we remember that the requested distance of two meters is the equivalent of the length of a quad. “

In order to properly prepare for the next season, the Federation is organizing the sale of access rights.

“We are entering the pre-sale period for access rights from October 27th. The duty will cost $ 307 (including fees) instead of $ 337 as of November 8. This proves beyond any doubt that there is no problem and that there is a season planned. “

Even if everything seems to be going as usual, Mr. Gagnon had this advice for amateurs.

“Given the situation, it is certain that we must plan our hikes in advance, especially if we want to use accommodation services. It is possible that both in this field and in that of catering, the places that we usually visit are not available or at least with special conditions. With this in mind, I recommend enthusiasts to plan ahead. “


This season, all access rights will be sold online.

“We are setting up the new database in order to be ready for October 27,” explains Mr. Gagnon. It was absolutely necessary to set up a new platform which must be ready for presale. The entire Federation team worked very hard on the file. We are currently in testing and everything is going well. “

Last year, only part of the access rights were sold online. According to the specialist, this made it possible to have an increase in the number of members in the various clubs in Quebec.

The presence of the pandemic and the measures associated with it have also contributed to the increase in the number of quad riders.

“It is certain that since people could not move outside of Quebec very easily. This has resulted in a significant increase in sales, especially among baby boomers. We already have a good clientele there. As they will not be able to spend the winter outside, they decided to use their vehicle this winter, which gives us a glimpse of a significant increase in the number of members ”.

The director general also wanted to point out that his organization was currently working on various files, in order to be able to give more advantages to members.


During the interview, Mr. Gagnon made a point of recalling that amateurs who circulate on trails must remember that currently, it is the hunting season in several territories that grant rights of way.

You may well have to follow new signage in order to avoid getting into trouble by disturbing hunters.

As for hunters, remember that if you wish to take a federated trail, you must have an access right from the FQCQ.

It is in the law of off-road vehicles. It is the same as for people who use a snowmobile trail, without having the right of access.

Caution is therefore essential at all times during this time of year. Also, as Mr. Gagnon mentioned, if ATV riders want to continue enjoying their leisure time, they must absolutely follow the instructions of Public Health to the letter. To beat this pandemic, everyone must work together.


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