Beginning of Gilbert Rozon rape trial, alleged victim testifies

Gilbert Rozon’s trial opened Tuesday morning at the Montreal courthouse. He is accused of rape and indecent assault and pleads not guilty.

The complainant was thus invited to tell the Court about the sexual assault of which she claims to be a victim. The facts took place in July 1980 in Saint-Sauveur in the Laurentians after an evening at a discotheque.

After refusing Gilbert Rozon to necking, this one “is like thrown on me to kiss me” while plunging his hands in the neckline and under the skirt of the plaintiff, reported several media present at the hearing. “I was really angry,” she testified.

On the pretext of fatigue, the former boss of Just for Laughs refused to take her home to her parents. Rather, he invited the alleged victim to one of the rooms in the hotel where he resides.

If she had fallen asleep on her own and did not feel “in danger”, Gilbert Rozon was on her when she woke up. “He was determined to have sex,” she said.

Faced with Gilbert Rozon’s “oppression”, “the only way out is to let him do it” she continued, insisting that sexual intercourse was not consented to.

The identity of the alleged victim, now 60, remains protected by an order.

A single plaintiff for the trial of Gilbert Rozon

Gilbert Rozon’s trial is expected to last four days. He denies all the facts with which he is accused and therefore pleaded not guilty.

The ex-humor mogul also filed a libel lawsuit against hosts Julie Snyder and Penelope McQuade. They had publicly discussed the legal steps they respectively took in 2017 against Gilbert Rozon.

In line with the #MeToo movement, several women had claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Gilbert Rozon. But of the fourteen complaints filed against him, only that of the current complainant was retained.

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