Fondue reinvented by a Beauceron

A Quebec designer is revolutionizing the way we eat fondue with a patented innovation that eliminates tangled forks and foods that have escaped in the broth.

Dany Bernard, a native of Beauce, has developed the Fondussimo, an electric pan with a system of removable baskets.

“The idea came up during a dinner with friends. I heard the comments around the table and designed this product. It’s something to have the idea, but to move forward afterwards, that’s where the challenge begins, ”said Mr. Bernard, designer.

The first drawings and prototypes were developed from the end of 2016. Last July, the businessman officially obtained his patent, after more than $ 150,000 invested in the project.

“Basically, I wanted to find solutions to deal with irritants like when food drops in the pot or someone leaves with our fork because they made a mistake. We all recognize each other in there, ”he continued.


This innovation also allows a wider variety of ingredients to be cooked, he said. Several recipes have been developed by a culinary designer especially for the use of Fondussimo.

“You can cook pasta, risotto, pad thai, ramen, Mexican paella,” says Mr. Bernard, whose company is located in Saint-Victor.

So far 10,000 units have been sold. The assembly is carried out here from parts that come 50% from abroad and 50% from Quebec.

“We distribute in Quebec for the moment. I am targeting Amazon in the coming weeks. For exports, we are talking about the end of 2020, beginning of 2021 to the United States. We have started to look at the European market as well, but before expanding, we want to find Canada. We want to be able to supply our retailers. We are going to go international step by step, ”added Mr. Bernard.

“In Quebec, we are really good at fondue. It’s a dish that is very popular, especially when the cold sets in, ”he continued.

The Fondussimo, sold for $ 164.99, is on sale at Doyon Després, Ameublements Tanguay and several independent retailers.

Mr. Bernard’s goal is to double sales over the next year.

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