We can still be optimistic

A large number of vaccines have already been developed so far. Several have reached the stage of clinical evaluations in patients, including a dozen of them who have already reached the final stage before the approval of the vaccine, namely phase 3. We must once again recall how this development is extremely rapid, never seen before (a vaccine normally takes more than 10 years to see the light of day).

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The scientific approach behind each of these vaccines is impeccable and the results of the preliminary clinical studies (phase 1) are very encouraging: the immune response is excellent, both in terms of the antibodies generated and the activation of specific T lymphocytes, and only one serious side effect has been identified in the tens of thousands of people who have received either vaccine in development. However, since one can never predict the effectiveness of these vaccines until the phase 3 clinical trials are completed, it is prudent to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket and instead consider several different options. . Note also that some of these vaccines are based on a completely new approach, by viral RNA, which could revolutionize the way we quickly create vaccines for the future. All the results obtained so far are in the right direction and we can be very optimistic about the rapid availability of at least one of these vaccines, probably in early 2021.


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