Weighing in times of pandemic

David Lemieux and Francy Ntetu respected the 168 lb limit during the official weigh-in on the sidelines of the closed-door gala which will be presented on Saturday evening at the Center Gervais Auto in Shawinigan.

Lemieux swung the scales at 167.4 lbs as Ntetu put on a 168 lbs stack weight. However, the latter needed to remove his underwear to meet the limit.

We can think that the two boxers will arrive in the ring around 180 lbs for their duel.

As for the weighing, it was reduced to its simplest form. The minimum number of people was allowed in the room where it took place. Journalists could not attend.

The boxers showed up one at a time for their medicals, signing contracts and weigh-ins.

Which means that there was no face-to-face between the pugilists. In another life, we would have been interested in the one between Ntetu and Lemieux. The words of the last days have left their mark. The animosity would have been there.

For the other duels, everything went like clockwork. At 262.6 lbs, Arslanbek Makhmudov (10-0, 10 KOs) will be much heavier than Dillon Carman (14-5, 13 KOs) (237.8) for their clash. As for Lexson Mathieu (8-0, 7 KOs), he put on a weight of 167 lbs while Tim Cronin (12-4, 3 KOs) swung the scales at 166 lbs.

From words to deeds

It is now time to make predictions for this first gala on Quebec soil since February.

I would be surprised if the fight between Lemieux (41-3, 34 K.-O.) and Ntetu (17-3, 4 K.-O.) reaches the limit of 10 assaults. We can expect good exchanges between the two men.

Power is to Lemieux’s advantage, but he will have to be careful of Ntetu’s counterattacks. Even if he has lost three of his last four fights, the Chicoutimian is able to surprise Lemieux. He knows him very well because of their numerous sparring sessions over the past few years.

There is a world of difference between sparring and a real fight, however. I saw Lemieux win by knockout in the fifth just a few seconds before losing his bet with Ntetu. We can expect some rust on both sides in the first few minutes.

The power of the lion

To the Makhmudov-Carman shock, I don’t see the Ontarian staying up late. Marc Ramsay’s protégé will try to make a few rounds, but he could end the fight with his first power stroke.

Carman’s jaw is not the strongest and has been seen in his two duels against Simon Kean. On the other hand, Carman has a respectable strike force. Will this be enough to make the Russian giant doubt? I doubt.

I predict Makhmudov will win by knockout in the third round.

As for the duel between Lexson Mathieu and Tim Cronin, we can expect a boxing lesson in favor of the boxer of Eye of the Tiger Management.

Mathieu simply has too many skills for Cronin. The speed of the pugilist from Quebec will do damage and he can get his hands on the NABF super middleweight title.

Mathieu will win by stopping the referee in the sixth assault.


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