The anti-mask suspected of having fractured the jaw of a bus driver declared unfit to appear

The antimasque suspected of having fractured the jaw of a bus driver on the North Shore, two weeks ago, was declared unfit to appear on Thursday morning, then temporarily interned at the Philippe-Pinel National Institute of Forensic Psychiatry.

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Calmer than last week, Patrick Desbiens was back in court by videoconference for a second time, at the Laval courthouse.

The 38-year-old faces charges of assault causing bodily harm and mischief for punching a bus driver in the face, smashing her eyeglasses, Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, on September 26th.

She had twice warned the passenger that he had to wear his mask properly on the bus before he approached and savagely attacked her.

The defendant even had the audacity on Thursday to require Judge Maria Albanese to obtain a jury trial. The latter had to explain to him that because of the summary charges he was facing, this avenue would be impossible.

Over the past few days, the suspect has been assessed at the Institut Philippe-Pinel on his suitability to appear before a judge, due to the outlandish answers he had offered in court on 1er last October.

He had refused to identify himself and in particular presented himself as the “prince of justice, prince of the living God”. A lawyer, Me Moulay-Badre Aber, had then been appointed to represent him.

The findings of the assessment report revealed that the Sainte-Thérèse resident was not fit to face justice at the moment.

“The Court rendered a verdict of unfitness based on what was written in the report,” said Crown Prosecutor Oliver Bérard-Riccardelli. We are waiting before moving forward with legal proceedings. ”

A treatment of 30 days in detention in Pinel was therefore ordered before his case returned to the court on November 9. His condition will be reassessed by then.

In addition, the anti-mask, which has been having fun for some time testing the tolerance of traders facing respect for wearing a mask before boasting about it on Facebook, would have made a second victim of assault.

The alleged acts occurred between the day he hit the 55-year-old woman and the day of her arrest.

Desbiens allegedly committed an assault on a man, in Saint-Thérèse, on or around 1er last October, can we read about the denunciation. We do not know, for the moment, the link between the two individuals.

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