Reality TV: Love Island is coming to Quebec TV

A new love reality show is coming to Quebec … bringing in its wake a new vintage of singles in swimsuits. Quebecor Content has just acquired the British format Love island.

The concept is simple and effective. The action takes place on (you guessed it) an island. As soon as they arrive, the participants pair up according to their physical preferences … and let the public decide the rest.

Viewers control the show in real time through an app. They can create reversals or change the planned activities. The objective being to form the perfect couple from a distance, Mr. or Mrs. Anyone can try to break pairs by sending certain candidates face-to-face, etc.

Of course, the public also votes to select the winning tandem.

Born in 2015, the series has been exported to 18 countries, including Australia, France and Germany. In England, its popularity is undeniable. In just a few seasons on ITV2, its ratings have gone from 570,000 to 5,600,000 fans.

Every day

The United States produced their own version in 2019. The second season ended in September. Due to COVID-19, the CBS network has chosen to film this new edition at the Cromwell Hotel in Las Vegas.

Important fact to mention: this is a daily. No date of entry on the air has been determined at this time.

However, we know that the Quebec adaptation of Love island will be produced by Déferlantes, a box accustomed to big shows (The Voice, Star Academy). Candidates will be sent to the Canary Islands, this Spanish archipelago located off the coast of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean.

For TVA, this is a new foray into the world of large-scale love reality shows, after XOXO and Double occupation, which is now broadcast in Noovo.

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