“Some Quebecers had other priorities” – Maxim Lapierre

Being from Quebec and playing for the Montreal Canadiens, Maxim Lapierre knows full well what that means.

Does the organization give enough importance to local talent? During the show JiC, Thursday, the former CH support player spoke on the subject, heated debate if there is one.

“Remember that it comes from both sides, nuanced Lapierre. There are players [québécois] who had the opportunity to come to Montreal and they didn’t, because maybe it wasn’t that important to them, because they had other priorities. ”

Another element on which Lapierre insisted: the members of the general staff must make decisions with a look to the future.

“They have boxes to tick,” he recalled. What do we need in the team? Where do we see it in 5-6 years? We still see the current situation, but we have to think a little further. I’m not saying that Quebecers won’t help, [mais les Canadiens]They have recruiters all over the world and they trust their list. They follow the order, it’s that simple. ”

According to former number 40, however, it is imperative to favor local players in certain specific situations.

“For equal talent, you have to take the Quebecer. Also, when we want to take a longshot, why not take a Quebecer who knows the culture? It should not be forgotten: not everyone knows the history of the Montreal Canadiens and what it means for our fans, our Quebecers, ”underlined Lapierre, who is now playing in the German League.

Playing in the Montreal market can be particularly demanding for a Quebecker. However, Lapierre will forever cherish his years in the limelight in the blue, white and red uniform.

“I loved it,” he said. That’s what I played hockey for: for pressure, to hear criticism, positive or negative. This is what brought a momentum in my game. I was playing at the Bell Center, I heard people screaming. When they stood up for me it was all one feeling. […] A Quebecker in Montreal will seek a little extra energy. ”

“I would have signed a 20-year contract on the day of the draft!” he added.

See Jean-Charles Lajoie’s full interview with Maxim Lapierre in the video above.


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