Seniors from Victoriaville transferred to Nicolet

The first patients of the second wave arrive at the containment site in Nicolet, in Center-du-Quebec. The pavilion of the National Police School of Quebec once again became, in 24 hours, a shelter for people infected with COVID-19.

In the morning, an elder was transferred here for the duration of her isolation. Just like two other residents of the same residence.

“Our job is to reassure them and transport them to safety. When transported from one place to another, they sometimes get confused. It’s our job to reassure them, ”Daniel Vallée, regional supervisor of Dessercom in Mauricie and Center-du-Quebec, told TVA Nouvelles on Thursday.

Headquarters and equipment were already in place. Nurses, doctors, orderlies and even social workers returned to this hospital for the next few weeks. At the containment site, people whose state of health is stable are transferred and people from living environments where containment measures are difficult to comply with.

The three elders transferred to Nicolet come from the Residence du Verger in Victoriaville where an outbreak is raging. All residents and employees have been tested to curb the spread. So far, four seniors have tested positive.

The humanitarian clown healed

In Trois-Rivières, humanitarian clown Guillaume Vermette is cured of COVID-19, but he must wait before resuming his work in a residential center. He used to go to CHSLD Saint-Joseph every week.

“My mission is to break the isolation for the well-being of people in CHSLDs, for their physical and mental health. But now, if I want to take care of their health, we have to isolate them. It’s really an ironic situation, I want to break the isolation, but I have to encourage isolation, ”he said.

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