COVID-19: school help despite the absence of sport

The organization Le Diplôme avant la Médaille, which helps young people in the Capitale-Nationale region, had to review its procedures because of COVID-19.

Although the organization can deploy its assistance throughout the province in all schools, it mainly targets the most vulnerable areas such as Vanier high school.

“We are targeting schools where there are students at greater risk of dropping out. So, in the risks, we are talking, for example, about young people who arrive here, who do not know French, therefore are already behind depending on the language, young people who are behind in school, young people who live in a weaker socioeconomic neighborhood, ”emphasizes Béatrice Turcotte Ouellet, executive director of the organization Le Diplôme avant la Médaille.

“If you don’t do your homework, you don’t play the game. Then me, I already love soccer. I can’t help it, ”said Yajuwa Amanazo, a high school soccer player.

For Kalen Morneau, a basketball player, the program is extremely important: “I didn’t like school. So basketball motivated me. ”

Even if school sport is on hold, different solutions are being considered so that the organization can give hope and help to its 370 young people.

“The coaches are going to offer support by having online meetings with the youngsters. Each month, they look at what is going well at school, what we can do to improve certain grades, ”says Béatrice Turcotte Ouellet.

Among the support offered virtually, we will find various rewards, such as contests, draws, conferences with high-level athletes, but above all, the tutoring for which 160 volunteers are involved will remain.

The organization Le Diplôme avant la Médaille, which has been in existence since 2012, intends to extend its services, starting next year, to other schools that may express their interest, whether at secondary or primary level.

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