Toyota Venza or RAV4 Hybrid?

I just read your review of the Toyota Venza and see that it has the same powertrain as the RAV4 Hybrid. That’s good, these two vehicles interest me! What is the main difference between the two?


Hello Sylvie,

Indeed, the hybrid version of the RAV4 and the Toyota Venza use the same powertrain. It is a hybrid package employing a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, mated to three electric motors. Developing more than 215 horsepower, this hybrid powertrain provides smooth and economical acceleration, because you can easily obtain an average consumption of less than 7.5 L / 100 km on these two vehicles. It’s extraordinary when you consider their weight and size!

That said, the similarities between the two vehicles end there. The RAV4 is a compact SUV, taller, and more rugged than the Venza. He gives the impression of driving a small truck.

The Venza is lower than the RAV4 hybrid, and a little longer. It feels more like driving a large sedan. It is also more comfortable, and smoother to ride, demonstrating a little more refinement.

If you’re thinking of doing a little off-roading or venturing out on poorly snow-cleared roads in winter, the RAV4 is definitely a better choice, with more clearance under the body, and suspensions that lend themselves better to this kind of activity.

Ultimately, the RAV4 has the ability to tow a small trailer (1,700 pounds total) while the Venza cannot tow, having no transmission cooling device.

Price wise, the Toyota Venza starts at $ 39,000, and goes up to around 48,000, depending on the options chosen. The RAV4 is a little less expensive. It starts at $ 35,000, and goes up to $ 45,000.

Happy shopping!

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