Happy sliding centers despite the constraints

Sliding centers in the red zone happily welcome the government’s announcement confirming that the ski season will take place, despite several constraints they hope to see soften during the winter.

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Tourism Minister Caroline Proulx has confirmed that “the 75 resorts in Quebec will be able to accommodate families”.

A relief for the mountains located in the red zone who feared seeing their start of the season postponed due to the maximum alert. “We are happy, we will be able to ski in red, cowardly Mélanie Morneau from the Le Relais ski center in Lac-Beauport, this is excellent news”.

Huge restrictions will take a lot of management, but boardsports companies seem willing to face the challenge.

At Village Vacances Valcartier, whose water park was open this summer, we say we’re ready for the challenge. “We operated during the summer, so we’re well established,” said director Sandra Nadeau, happy with the news.

Health plan

In anticipation of the season, several ski resorts had developed their plan for the sale of tickets. At Le Massif de Charlevoix, priority will be given to season pass holders, while there will be a contingency for daily visitors. At the Relais, skiers must reserve a time slot before arriving on site.

Inside the chalets, measures will be put in place, but Minister Proulx explained that in the red zone, people will still be able to enter the buildings to warm up and eat, provided they bring a lunch. In the orange zone, the cafeterias will be open.

The Association of Quebec Ski Resorts (ASSQ) obtained the green light from the government by also proposing to keep a register of skiers in each station.

Pleasant experience

At the RCR group, which operates Stoneham and Mont-Saint-Anne, we say we are “confident” to offer a pleasant experience to customers, despite the closure of restaurants, bars and ski schools. “We’re going to live with it,” says Simon Lefebvre resiliently, although everyone admits that “it’s a big chunk” of their income.

The ski resorts are however hoping for a relaxation of the rules which would come with a return of the Capitale-Nationale to the orange zone. “The winter is long,” argued with optimism the general manager of the Relais.

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