COVID-19: a positive case in the Vatican at the Sainte-Marthe residence, where the Pope lives

The Vatican announced on Saturday the discovery of a positive case for COVID-19 at the Sainte-Marthe residence, where Pope Francis lives.

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“Another case of someone tested positive for COVID-19 has been identified among residents of Vatican State. The patient, for the moment asymptomatic, has been placed in isolation, as have those who have come into direct contact with him ”, declared the Press Office of the Holy See, adding that he“ has temporarily left the hospital. Sainte-Marthe residence where he usually resides ”.

On the other hand, no details were given on the state of health of Pope Francis, who during his election preferred to settle in the Sainte-Marthe residence rather than the apostolic palace. “The health of all residents is constantly monitored,” the statement said only.

During his traditional public audience Wednesday, the Pope avoided any close contact with the faithful, greeting them from a distance. “Forgive me if I greet you from afar, but I think that if all of us, as good citizens, respect the prescriptions of the authorities, this will help to end this pandemic”, declared the Pope, who does not wear him- never even a mask during his public or private audiences.

Italy, which deplores more than 36,000 deaths from the virus, is facing an upsurge in new cases. The peninsula thus recorded Friday a record number of more than 10,000 cases in 24 hours, an absolute record since the start of the pandemic in this country.

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